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V2Ray搭建详细图文教程。 - 司司司司司:2021-2-10 · 安装 V2Ray 输入下面命伌回车,你可伍复制过去,然后在 Xshell 界面按 Shift + Insert 即可粘贴,不能按 Ctrl + V 的。。 bash <(curl -s -L 如果提示 curl: command not found ,那是因为你的 VPS 没装 Cur  |  Get the latest Cornavirus news  |  Learn how UC Davis is prepping for Fall

梭影苹果版 下载

UC Davis is committed to the safety and well-being of our communities and has been closely monitoring events happening around the world. 

To protect the health and safety of our guests and campus community, we are ceasing all student-led campus tours until further notice.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this preventative measure might cause. This precaution has been taken to provide peace of mind to visitors, students, faculty, staff and families. 

While our Welcome Center is currently closed, we are offering advising and answering your questions through Ask an Advisor, or by calling Undergraduate Admissions at (530) 752-2971. If you would like to explore campus, please view our online virtual tour.

Just My Socks 支持 V2ray 协议 | 科学上网站:Just My Socks提供V2ray协议支持,使用扫描二维码或者配置链接一键进行服务配置 在科学上网中V2ray已经成为很多人的标配,许多机场只提供v2ray的服务。在比较知名的机场里Just My Socks却是一个例外,一直只支持shadowsocks协议。

梭影苹果版 下载

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